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Quality and Transparency 

We love our farm and the products that we offer.  This is reflected in the quality of our products and the effectiveness of these products.   We started farming hemp out of the need to find a way to help our aging dogs.  At the time we were giving them a "hemp" treat that we found online.  Come to find out that the only hemp in these treats were the hemp oil used to bind everything together and no actual CBD.  Fast forward a few months and we had secured our hemp growers license and were planning to plant our first crop.  After our first harvest we wanted to do something with our hemp that was of the highest quality and safest method possible.  During our research we found that the hemp industry is the wild west.  Some products are nothing more than mystery gummies in a plastic baggy with a price tag.  The FDA did a study on products and found that a number of products did not even contain CBD while many others were mislabeled (https://hempindustrydaily.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/CBD-Marketplace-Sampling_RTC_FY20_Final.pdf) 

Third party testing should be a requirement to prove the accuracy of the potency of CBD products.  That's why every product we offer has a QR code that goes directly to the test results for that batch.  We also follow the FDA requirements for labeling to be as transparent as possible. 

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Whole Spectrum™ 


You may have tried CBD in the past and found that some products work better than others.  Well, one of the driving factors to this is the extraction method.  The most basic methods yield traditional isolate.  Isolate is 99.9% CBD without any THC and any terpenes.  The next level up is Broad Spectrum which has CBD, some minor cannabinoids, and some of the terpenes still with no THC.  Full Spectrum is similar to Broad Spectrum except the THC is included (<0.3%).  The next level, and what we think is the very best, is Whole Spectrum™.  This is all of the CBD availible, all of the other canabinoids, more terpenes, THC included (<0.3%) and healthful omega oils. 

How do we get to Whole Spectrum™?  Cellular Deconstruction™ Technology.  This is an extraction method that is based on physics and chemical free.  The industry standard for extraction yields 50-65% of the cannabinoids while this process delivers nearly 100% of the plant cannabinoids. 


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