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Expertly crafted to harmonize the zesty allure of pineapple with the luscious sweetness of mango, each chew becomes a symphony of flavors enhanced by the balanced blend of THC and CBD. Derived from premium hemp, our chews offer not just an exquisi...

$ 45.00

Take your sleep game to the next level with our NEW sleep support fruit chew. THC, CBN and CBD perfectly blended the best nights sleep.

$ 25.00

Expertly crafted from premium hemp, our chews are designed for both flavor enthusiasts and those seeking the calm and clarity hemp-derived compounds can offer. Dive into a berry-infused journey, where taste meets tranquility.

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Unveil nature's full potential with our Whole Spectrum™ Wild Berry Fruit Chews. Bursting with the vibrant flavors of handpicked wild berries, each chew captures the essence of the wilderness while delivering the complete range of cannabinoids for ...

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